BletchMAME is a new experimental front end for MAME. Unlike existing front ends (which function as launchers, keeping MAME's internal UI), BletchMAME replaces the internal MAME UI with a more conventional point and click GUI to provide a friendlier experience in a number of areas (such as profiles, input configuration and a number of others). While BletchMAME is intended to support all machines supported by MAME, it should be particularly suitable to computer emulation.

The current BletchMAME is version 2.6, and requires MAME 0.213 or later.


Get BletchMAME

BletchMAME is distributed as an installer for the BletchMAME executable, along with a MAME LUA plugin that facilitates interactions with the front end. Currently, we only provide BletchMAME releases for 64-bit Windows, even though it should be portable to non-Windows platforms. (Any takers here?)

BletchMAME is licensed under the GNU GPL.


Version Date MSI ZIP Summary
2.62021-Mar-6BletchMAME_2_6.msiBletchMAME_2_6.zipMany more folders
2.52021-Jan-31BletchMAME_2_5.msiBletchMAME_2_5.zipInitial Folder and Snapshot View
2.42021-Jan-3BletchMAME_2_4.msiBletchMAME_2_4.zipSlot support
2.32020-Dec-13BletchMAME_2_3.msiBletchMAME_2_3.zipBug fixes
2.22020-Oct-3BletchMAME_2_2.msiBletchMAME_2_2.zipCheat support
2.12020-Aug-29BletchMAME_2_1.msiBletchMAME_2_1.zipBug fixes
2.02020-Aug-23BletchMAME_2_0.msiBletchMAME_2_0.zipOverhaul of BletchMAME application
1.92020-May-20BletchMAME_1_9.msiBletchMAME_1_9.zipSupport for movie recordings
1.82020-Feb-16BletchMAME_1_8.msiBletchMAME_1_8.zipDebugger support
1.72019-Dec-28BletchMAME_1_7.msiBletchMAME_1_7.zipMinor usability improvements
1.62019-Nov-24BletchMAME_1_6.msiBletchMAME_1_6.zipBug fixes
1.52019-Nov-10BletchMAME_1_5.msiBletchMAME_1_5.zipSupport for MAMEUI-style icon packs
1.42019-Nov-3BletchMAME_1_4.msiBletchMAME_1_4.zipFull software list support
1.32019-Oct-9BletchMAME_1_3.msiBletchMAME_1_3.zipBasic software list support
1.22019-Sep-18BletchMAME_1_2.msiBletchMAME_1_2.zipBug fixes
1.12019-Sep-8BletchMAME_1_1.msiBug fixes
1.02019-Sep-7BletchMAME_1_0.msiInitial release
Bleeding edge latest []BletchMAME_latest.msiBletchMAME_latest.zipMight not work!

Source code

The BletchMAME sources are hosted on GitHub here.